5 Reasons Why I (And Maybe You) Need a Hemingwrite

TRUTH: In the past few years, I purchased a typewriter—in lieu of my laptop—to write. As pretentious as it seems, I thought the 8-pound contraption I found at a yard sale, replete with… Continue reading

I’m Back on xoJane

After a 7-month hiatus that consisted of me writing a bunch of depressing fiction, moving into a house with four other women in Hollywood (aka the #rejectsorority), and consulting with yet another company going… Continue reading

‘Cool Crash Pads’ in Foam Magazine

Here’s a sneak peek of the travel spread I wrote for the March/April issue of Foam magazine, featuring some of the raddest—and affordable—places to stay around the world! The issue hits newsstands on… Continue reading

CLIP: ‘Do You Need a Dating Rotation?’ on Refinery29

Serial monogamy is for jerks. (And I should know). I wrote about having a dating rotation (or, multi-dating) for Refinery29. Read it here. 

The Best Ad Ever

I’m a massive fan of American Psycho, so when this short film by Flickering Wall started floating around the Web last week, it was immediately sent my way: Actually an advert for Denham… Continue reading

CLIP: ‘Life After Rehab’ on Cosmopolitan.com

On this day last year, I went to far, far away for some very special R&R (get it?). Today, my piece about what it was like to come home from treatment is a must-read on Cosmopolitan.com! Read… Continue reading

I’m Hiring An Assistant

Please help me. (I pay, too! Schwing!) Details here. 

Get Inspired By Garbage [Writing]

Ours is a culture and a time immensely rich in trash as it is in treasures.” -Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing (1994) In this section of Zen in the Art… Continue reading

3 Free Apps That Are Saving My Ass

Last month, I talked about some of the pros and cons of freelancing FT. Although I refused to fully embrace that #freelancelife (for now), I’ve since adapted to this juggling act I call a job.… Continue reading


My boyfriend and I were both fortunate enough to continue working for the companies we were at in New York since moving to Los Angeles. Well, for me—in some capacity. Currently, I’m managing… Continue reading