Damn, u thursty

There’s a magazine called thursty and it’s coming soon. Want to know more? Eh, sorry, no can do at the moment. But if you like my style of writing, please follow thursty on… Continue reading

Wintertime in L.A.

“Los Angeles weather is the weather of catastrophe, of apocalypse, and, just as the reliably long and bitter winters of New England determine the way life is lived there, so the violence and… Continue reading

Get Into Your Lover’s Booty This Valentine’s Day with a Customized TGT Wallet

Sure, my relationship with this minimalist, slim wallet started when I did a favor for a friend. But I’ve fallen madly in love with my TGT Wallet since I started using it on the reg.… Continue reading

CLIP: Beauty Looks Dedicated to January TV

So this hot look will make more sense if you read the article, I swear. And because I discuss “Broad City,” “The Bachelor,” and makeup in this post, I’m QUITE proud of it.… Continue reading

Other People’s Words

I’ve never been big on collecting “inspirational” quotes—jotting them down on Post-Its, tacking them above my desk. Keeping them in a journal next to my bed, only to read through them when I’ve… Continue reading

Please Love Me

Oh, your dad got beaten with a belt? Mine did too. And my mom held the bucket for her father to puke in. And heard about the heads of the chickens her mother… Continue reading

5 Reasons Why I (And Maybe You) Need a Hemingwrite

TRUTH: In the past few years, I purchased a typewriter—in lieu of my laptop—to write. As pretentious as it seems, I thought the 8-pound contraption I found at a yard sale, replete with… Continue reading

I’m Back on xoJane

After a 7-month hiatus that consisted of me writing a bunch of depressing fiction, moving into a house with four other women in Hollywood (aka the #rejectsorority), and consulting with yet another company going… Continue reading

‘Cool Crash Pads’ in Foam Magazine

Here’s a sneak peek of the travel spread I wrote for the March/April issue of Foam magazine, featuring some of the raddest—and affordable—places to stay around the world! The issue hits newsstands on… Continue reading

CLIP: ‘Do You Need a Dating Rotation?’ on Refinery29

Serial monogamy is for jerks. (And I should know). I wrote about having a dating rotation (or, multi-dating) for Refinery29. Read it here.